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Although passports and visas are not required for entry into Canada passports are required for air entry and air re-entry into the United States. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security changed official requirements as of January 23, 2007 for citizens of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Bermuda to present a passport to enter or re-enter the United States when arriving from any part of the Western Hemisphere by air.

The new requirements are as follows:

  • Travellers arriving by air will be required to show a valid passport, air NEXUS card, or U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Document for entry or re-entry to the U.S. as of January 23, 2007

  • As early as January 1, 2008 and no later than June 1, 2009. Everyone travelling between the United States and Canada, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, and Bermida by land or sea (including cruises and ferries) may be required to show a valid passport or other documents as determined by the Department of Homeland Security.

For more information on the new requirements or on how to apply for a U.S. passport, please Click Here.

Visitors who are U.S. Residents
Although a passport is the ideal identification, you do not require a passport or visa to enter Canada. Just make sure you carry identification to establish your citizenship such as a Birth Certificate and least one ID card with photo. If you are a naturalized U.S. citizen, you should carry this certificate. Permanent residents of the U.S.A. must bring their "Green Card".

Although it is rare, immigration officials may prevent the entry of visitors:
• who appear to pose a health risk.
• those they doubt will be able to support themselves and their dependents in Canada.
• whose willingness and means to return to the U.S. is in doubt.
As well, those admissible to Canada must not have a criminal record. This includes any convictions for driving while intoxicated.

If you have questions about your admissibility to enter Canada, contact your nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate for consultation.

Visitors from the U.S. who are not American Citizens
Permanent residents of the United States (anyone with a Green Card) do not need to carry a passport or travel documents to enter Canada.

Temporary residents of the United States (anyone who carries a Temporary Resident Card, Form 1-688, or Employment Authorization Card, 1-688A or 1-688B) must carry a passport and may also require a visa depending on their country of citizenship.

Citizens of other countries who wish to enter Canada through the United States must also carry a valid passport and may require a visa, which they should obtain from a Canadian Embassy or Consulate outside Canada. Those in this category should check with an office of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service before they enter Canada.

Visitors from Europe
European passport holders do not require a visa to visit Canada. All you need is a valid passport, a return ticket and sufficient funds to support yourself and your dependents during your stay in Canada. European visitors to Canada who wish to also visit the United States must possess valid passports to be admitted; residents of Portugal are further required to have a visa.

Visitors from Other Countries
International travellers may require a visa to enter or transit Canada. To see whether you require a visa, visit the Canada site for more information on visa requirements. International travellers who wish to find out about Canadian customs regulations should visit the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency website.

Travellers Bringing Children
Travellers visiting Canada with children should carry the following:
• identification for each child similar to identification described for adults.
• a letter of permission from the parents of any children accompanying them for whom they do not have legal custody

Please note: Divorced parents with shared custody rights should carry legal documents establishing their status. Unaccompanied children should carry a letter of permission from their parents or a legal guardian.

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